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I'm Christine Steele, an Emmy and Telly award-winning director, producer, editor, and educator. I design and develop story-driven audio and visual content. I lead and support teams of people who craft captivating stories for film, television, streaming and social media distribution, and together we deliver compelling, high-quality content.  I enjoy working at the intersection of art and science, and I shine brightest when collaborating with fellow professionals on projects that are both creative and technical.


I'm passionate about making powerful media that educates, entertains, inspires action and incites social change. I've worked on narrative features, and in broadcast and feature animation. I've directed documentaries and supervised series for PBS, edited a 70mm feature in 3D for the Smithsonian, edited film and animation for games at Electronic Arts, created educational shorts for Aquarium of the Bay, managed media teams and content creation for foundations and non-profit organizations, and won a Promax Award for my work on Disney Entertainment broadcast marketing campaigns. 


Through Steele Pictures Studios, Inc., a woman-owned family business, I write, produce, direct, shoot, edit, record audio, video and voiceover, conduct research and interviews, hire crew, manage budgets and lead teams of creative professionals. I've worked for Fox, Paramount, Warner, Dreamworks, Disney, Pixar, Showtime, Electronic Arts, ABC, NBC, BBC and PBS, and provided support for fellow artists and creators across the globe. I'm a solutions expert who brings 20 years of experience in media communications to every collaboration.

As an Adobe Certified Instructor and Certified Creative Cloud Video Solutions Expert, as well as an Apple Certified Instructor, I design and deliver engaging presentations for content creation communities, and implement workflow strategies and software training solutions at major studios and TV networks. I provide education for enterprise businesses, and train independent artists around the world so they can succeed and excel at their craft. As a speaker and educator, I support Motion Picture Arts and Sciences communities by teaching, mentoring and hosting interviews and panel discussions at events such as the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference, Sundance and SXSW film festivals, The NAB Show, Adobe Video World, and Digital Cinema Society meetings. Check my Events page for upcoming classes and please join me for a presentation!

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