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Christine has been providing education and inspiring dialogue in prominent cinematic communities during the entire course of her filmmaking career.  Speaking at film festivals, universities, community groups and conferences allows Christine to engage with other filmmakers and impart technical knowledge while mutually inciting creativity.  By actively sharing her craft, Christine hopes to ignite confidence and inspire people to enjoy and practice the artful telling of stories.  Christine has taught artists and professionals at SXSW, The Motion Picture Editors Guild, Adobe MAX, Adobe Video World, Moviola, BAVC, The Editor’s Retreat, The NAB Show, UCLA and USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Christine Steele is an Adobe Certified Master Instructor.  She contributed the editing chapter for Adobe Premiere Pro Studio Techniques (make title link to book on amazon)  

Link to Premiere Pro Studio Techniques

Please watch Christine’s Online Video Training in Narrative and Commercial Editing at

Link to FREE 10 day trial at

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